Air Messenge Air Messenger Lite Version 8.0.0
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Brief review

Air Messenger Lite acts as a simple chat tool that lets users send and track quick wireless messages. Since this is a basic tool, there’s nothing complex about Air Messenger Lite’s interface. After a few minutes spent going through the program, users of all levels should be able to send and track messages seamlessly.


Using Air Messenger Lite simply means that you will have to set up text message preferences using this handy interface. Through drop-down menus and selection boxes, you can determine where you want to send a message or what message you want to track. This tool will save you time and money if you currently use a pager and have a wireless modem.

Main Function

The main purpose of Air Messenger Lite is to track and send messages via pager. Any alphanumeric message can be sent using this program and messages are sent and tracked effortlessly. Since Air Messenger Lite is a simplified version of Air Messenger, this program does not come with as many features as other Air Messenger programs, but that’s also the charm of the program (this tool isn’t hard to use or complex in any manner).

Extra Features

Even though Air Messenger Lite is a lighter version of Air Messenger, it still comes with some useful features. These features include delivery confirmation, delete request options, and continuous message updates.


Prior to purchasing Air Messenger Lite, you have to consider whether or not the $29.95 price tag is worth it since airtime these days isn’t that expensive and pagers are rarely used. However, if you use a pager frequently and you want a quick and relatively inexpensive way to send and track messages, Air Messenger Lite is a good option.


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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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